Numbers by Alexa Luthor (as Keiran Khan where noted):

Classic Burlesque Numbers

  • Rainy Day Number (Music: Daydream in Blue by I Monster)
  • Classic Lingerie Number (Music: Champagne Charlie by I Monster)
  • Peacock Classic Fan Number (Music: Heaven by I Monster and La Seine by Vanessa Paradis and Sean Lennon)
  • Classic Dress Number (Music: Black Sheep by Gin Wigmore)

Neo-Burlesque Numbers

  • Horror Movie Pinup Number (Music: Batman, Wolfman, Frankenstein, or Dracula by The Diamonds)
  • Costumer Number (Music: Material Girl by Richard Cheese)
  • Gender Bend Number (Music: Protons, Neutrons, Electrons by Cat Empire)
  • Naughty and Nice Christmas Number (Music: You Better Do It Right by Smash Mouth)
  • Saints and Sinners Number (Music: Saints & Sinners by Flogging Molly)
  • Apocalyptic Gas Mask Cape/Wing Number (Music: Sound of Silence by Disturbed)
  • Valkyrie Number (Music: Sound of Silence by Disturbed)
  • Mummy Number (Music: The Great Soul Destroyer by I Monster)
  • Demon Number (Music: Custom mix- Blood by Jim Johnston, Catch Your Breath by CFO$, and Opposite Ends of the World by CFO$)
  • Ice Queen Number (Music: Custom mix- Spectre by Radiohead and Lacrimosa by Evanescence)
  • Flannel VT Number- performed as Keiran Khan (Music: Right Back Atcha by Dave Keller)


For more videos of Alexa's numbers, check out her Vimeo channel!

Nerdlesque Numbers

  • Seven of Nine Number (Music: Resistance is Futile by I Monster)
  • Zuul/Dana Number (Music: All Mine by Tom Jones)
  • April O'Neil TMnT Number (Music: Breakthru by Queen)
  • Dragon Tattoo Number (Music: True Romance by She Wants Revenge)
  • Sephiroth Number (Music: Come With Me Now by the Kongos)
  • Beaker and Bunsen Number- Duet with Ginge O'Lolly (Music: Mi Mi Mi by Serebro)

Group Numbers (Green Mountain Cabaret Sugar Shakers)

  • Star Trek Number
  • Zombie Number (Music: The Greatest Show Unearthed by Creature Feature)
  • Classic Number- three styles- Dresses, Fur Coats, or as Chefs (Music: Wow N Flutter by April Smith and the Great Picture Show)
  • Subway Number (Music: Still Dirrty by Christina Aguilera)
  • 50s Number (Music: Bei Mir Mis Du Schoen by the Andrews Sisters)
  • DnD Number
  • FemBots Number (Music: Danger Man)
  • Raincoat Number (Music: Weatherman by Waldeck)
  • Deadpool Number (Music: I Can Help by Billy Swan)